Kim Laidlaw is a cookbook author, editor, food writer, producer, project manager, and baker who has been in the kitchen covered in flour since she was big enough to stir the biscuit dough. She has over 16 years of experience in book and online publishing, and a lifetime of experience in the kitchen. She is the author of Home Baked Comfort (2011), Baby & Toddler On the Go (April 2013), and Dessert of the Day (Fall 2013). She was the first blogger on KQED's popular Bay Area Bites blog, and previously worked as a professional baker. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and their daughter, whom she cooks for everyday.

Home Baked Comfort (author) Baby & Toddler On the Go (author)
The Lunch Box (editor and food stylist) Family Meals (editor)
Perfect Panini (editor) Good For You (editor)
Kitchen Garden Cookbook (editor)
Chris Cosentino: Beginnings (editor)
This Is A Cookbook (editor) The Baby & Toddler Cookbook (editor)